Tips in Designing your Custom Challenge Coins

The challenge coin is one of the best ways to promote a brand, company, or an organization. It has been said that the challenge coins emerged in the military department. Though the history cannot tell exactly the name of the person who first made, used or introduced the challenge coin, the important thing about it is the purpose of its existence.

The challenge coin typically is being given to a person as a symbol of membership in a particular organization, but, there are some who have used it as a gift or souvenir. This is where the customizing of challenge coins comes out. Customization is by making your own design, style and any other related matters in making the product. The custom challenge coins will definitely depend on the desires of the person, specifically on its physical appearance.

There are many companies that offer services of customizing a challenge coin. But, in our world today, we cannot guarantee if the company or coin maker is a real one. Of course, we really need to scrutinize if they are a legitimate business or not. In order to solve your concern about this matter, we have a great solution for you. You may consider the Challenge Coins 4less in this issue. We are a company that makes custom challenge coins. As we are a legitimate company, we guarantee our clients that we can provide high quality products when it comes to making of custom coins.

The custom challenge coins can be used as a giveaway for various special events –

Challenge CoinIt can be given as a souvenir at a party or even in a wedding celebration. For corporate events or anniversaries, the challenge coins can be given to the employees who have attained great achievements. However, for wedding celebrations, the challenge coin may serve as a unique souvenir. In making the perfect design of the coin for your wedding day, you may use your and your partner’s picture or initials. But, if you have more creative ideas, like making your own symbol, you can also use it.

The Challenge Coins 4less is one of the companies that can solve this matter. Whatever occasion or event you may hold, the custom challenge coins are a unique gift you can give to the attendees. We make challenge coins according to the desires of our clients. The design, styles and shape will all be based on our client’s interest and needs. If you are very interested in our products and services, you may visit our website at You can also have a free quote today after you have filled up the form indicated on the site.

In designing your custom challenge coins, you shall think of the best artwork you can have –

You must first have a purpose of why you will order challenge coins. After you have thought about the reason of why you will need a challenge coin, you can now start making your own design. The design of your challenge coin will be based on your purpose. Like for an example, if you want the coins to be a giveaway on your birthday party, you must think of the design you would like to be put on the coin. It may be your own picture, your name or initials, or even your own personal logo. All of these things will depend on your desired design.


With the Challenge Coins 4less, we can assist you in this situation. If you have already made a design, you may send it on our site, and we will initially make a virtual proof of it. The virtual proof will be the actual appearance of your challenge coin, but it is not yet the tangible end product. You can make some changes in the colors and designs before we proceed to the finalization of orders. If in case you do not know how to make a design, we can also make it for you.


At, We offer a variety of custom challenge coin designs. To know more about custom challenge coins you can contact to us and also visit our website